Happy week is a specially developed conception for health, longevity and beauty through the therapeutic possibilities of the modern conventional and alternative medicine. Diets and physical activities stimulate and support inexhaustible natural health potential of the human organism.

Happy week is a complete system, created by professional team of specialists and combines therapeutic, homeopathic, nutrient, active and psychological programs for detox, weight loss, revitalization, recovery, relaxation and balance of the human body.  The system is guided by a medical team of recognized experts in dietology, homeopathy, internal medicine, neurology, psychology and dermatology.

Happy week is a complex system for achieving physical health, emotional balance and spiritual harmony. Individual and group therapeutic and prophylactic programs help you to rediscover and rearrange your life and self, gaining the best health condition, realization and creating own healthy lifestyle.

Who is appropriate for a HAPPY WEEK?

  • For adults over 18 years of age.
  • For everyone who wants to start or improve their healthy lifestyle
  • For everyone who has realized the need for an active and healthy holiday.

What are the benefits of HAPPY WEEK?

–  Health management – ascertainment of the current health status through prophylactic medical examinations by our specialists

– Boost the immune system

– Reduce stress

– Detoxification from accumulated in everyday life toxins and harmful substances

– Healthy weight loss and rejuvination

– Life coaching

– Creating habits for a healthy lifestyle

– Recreational activities

– Relax, recharge, revitalize

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