Interviewer: How can we change our holiday stereotype? Is it possible while we take a holiday to do something healthy?

Dr. Groudeva: I work on a program for a healthy holiday and the main purpose is to change stereotype of a regular holiday/vacation.  The idea is people to realize that the holiday is not only a different place where you go to eat, sleep, use the SPA zone and then to wonder what to do, but also could be a start for a healthy habits and nutrition, you can have the opportunity to check your health condition. Except the basic package that people usually get on a regular vacation, in Happy Week Healthy Holiday people have an extra service from specialists. Specialists can give you guidance for a healthy lifestyle according to your medical examinations.

Interviewer: How many days could be such a healthy holiday?

Dr. Groudeva: There are many options, but the best is at least one week. Experts say that more beneficial and anti stress are so called “short but regular” holidays.

Interviewer: What happens on a healthy holiday?

Dr. Groudeva: It starts with a blood test and then continues with different medical examinations with specialists. For example:  bio-magnetic resonance, echograph, Doppler and other.  The idea is people to get full information about their health status, while they are staying in a comfortable place, relaxing and enjoying their free time.  Most of us do such tests when we must do them, while on a healthy vacation you do them prophylactically.  Sometimes there are hidden symptoms of a decease, which could be found on such prophylactic examinations.

Interviewer: What else Happy week offers?

Dr. Groudeva: Happy week offers also healthy nutrition, lectures on different topics for a healthy living, sport and leisure activities – yoga, water gymnastic, walks in the forest, SPA treatments – sauna, massages  and as a bonus evening entertainments.  There are a lot of things in the program, which keep you occupied, so you don’t have the time to worry and in such way your body and mind are relaxing.

Interviewer: Is this holiday appropriate for all kinds of people? Or is there any certain type?

Dr. Groudeva: Happy week healthy holiday is suitable for everyone. I especially recommend it for those who work under pressure, because it efficiently and fast relieves the stress from daily life and occupations. Of course everyone should check his/ her health status and have a healthy lifestyle.  Happy week is good for everybody who wants to spend a quality vacation.