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Dr. Stefana Grudeva graduated from Medical University in Sofia, where she studied Medicine. She specializes Skin and Venereal Diseases at the Department of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology at the Military Medical Academy – Sofia, with a focus on diagnostics and treatment of skin malformations and oncodermatoses, infectious dermatoses, drug dermatoses, erythmo-squamous dermatoses, physiotherapy skin diseases.

She passed training modules to the Clinic of the Medical University – Sofia, including methods for diagnosis and therapy of autoimmune dermatoses, vascular dermatoses, pediatric dermatology, venereology.

 Every year she visits congresses with clinical and diagnostic orientation in the field of clinical and aesthetic dermatology in Bulgaria and Europe.

Dr. Stefana Grudeva is a PhD student at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the Medical Faculty of the Medical University – Sofia.  She develops a scientific work on the topic “Epigenetic characteristics of psychotropic drugs”.

She takes part in international congresses to discuss new discoveries in this dynamically developing direction.

Her interests are focused on psychosomatic dermatoses and their treatment, including skin manifestations arising from psycho-emotional stress.

Dr. Stefana Grudeva speaks fluently French and English.


Dr. Vera Karamfilova

Endocrinology and metabolism diseases

Internal diseases

She graduated in medicine in 1994. In Sofia University

2000 – specialty in Internal Diseases

2004 – subject of Endocrinology and Disease of Exchange

Place of work: University Hospital “Alexandrovska”, Clinic of Endocrinology, 2000

Scientific interests in the field of pre-diabetes and obesity, diabetes mellitus, thyroid gland, sexual medicine and female sexual dysfunction.

Courses and Qualifications:

2001 Diabetes mellitus type 2 and its complications – international course – Romania

2002 Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes – International Course – Macedonia

2006 Ultrasound of cervical area – Medical University Sofia

2009 Ultrasound sonic diagnostics – Medical University Sofia

2002 – 2013 – participations in international clinical studies in the field of diabetes mellitus.

Published publications in the field of diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome and obesity, thyroid gland, sexual medicine.

Membership in BDE, BASM, BDHD, EASD, EASM

Place of work: University Hospital “Alexandrovska”, Clinic of Endocrinology, 2000

Scientific interests in the field of pre-diabetes and obesity, diabetes mellitus, thyroid gland, sexual medicine and female sexual dysfunction.

Languages: English



Ass. Professor Bozhidar Popov

Consultant – M.D. dietitian


Bozhidar Georgiev Popov is a professor of „Nutrition and dietetics ”. He finished his higher education in 1968 inSofia. Since 1999 he has been the chairman of the Bulgarian Nutrition and Dietetics Association.

His main interests in the area of the science of nutrition are in the following directions: physiology of feeding, physiology of digestion and digestibility of food, alternative nutrition, nutritional practice of cardio-vascular diseases, hygienic-ecological aspects of health.

He is the inventor of the intercellular digestion and a couple of methods for analyzing the nutritional processes.

Prof. Popov is a member of a range of international organizations, among which are: The European Scientific Obesity Association, the Federation of the European associations of nutrition (FENS), The European Academy of nutrition ( EANS), The International Alliance of the nutritionists (IUNS) etc.

He is an author of more than 150 publications and scientific communications here and abroad.


Dr. Miroslav Karatanev – specialist in internal diseases, Preventive medicine and general medicine.

In his practice Dr. Karatanev combines the principles of classical medicine and the advantages of prophylaxis through healthy eating and balanced lifestyle, achieving good health and well-being of the spirit and body, weight control, through the elaboration of specialized dietary regimes. At present Dr Miroslav Karatanev is the chief Eurodiet consultant for the city of Stara Zagora.

He graduated in medicine at the Higher Medical Institute / Stara Zagora in 1992. Specializing in Internal Diseases since 1992. Until 1998 at the Medical Academy – Sofia. He specialized in General Medicine at the Thracian University – Faculty of Medicine from 2010 to 2015. Work in the field of internal diseases – Military Medical Academy – Military Medical Academy Sofia, Military Hospital Stara Zagora since 1992 Until 2002. General Medicine since 2002 in “A-IPPMP Dr. Miroslav Karatanev” EOOD. He works on the development of individual healing, prophylactic, healing and diet regimes aimed at solving health problems, as well as nutrition-training programs in line with the contemporary nutrition and dietetics requirements as well as according to Eurodiet’s methodology.

There are many specialized courses, some of which are:

Course on “Non-invasive methods of research in cardiology”

Course on “Instrumental Studies in Pulmonary Diseases”

“Disaster Medicine” course

Course for consultant of the famous French method for weight reduction under medical control “Eurodiet Bulgaria.”

Participates in national and international congresses in the field of cardiology, neurology, general medicine. Participates in symposia, workshops, academies on problematic behavioral issues and the therapeutic approach.

Member of the Bulgarian Medical Association and of the National Association of General Practitioners in Bulgaria.

He speaks English, German and Russian.



Dr. Valya Grudeva MD – Founder of the program

Specialist in neurology, clinical homeopathy, integrative medicine, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

In recent years, she has deepened her interest in epigenetic factors on health and integrative therapeutic strategies. Co-founder of Happy week program – innovative concept for Health, Youth and Longevity, integrating modern conventional and alternative medicine, nutritional regimes, exercises and lifestyle that are able to reprogram genetically encoded regulatory mechanisms which stimulate and sustain the inexhaustible innate healing potential of the human organism.

Dr. Valya Grudeva MD graduated from Medical University at Sofia University, specializing in Neurology at the Neurological Clinic – ”Alexandrovska Hospital”, Department of Neurology and in 1991 she defended a specialty in Neurology.

In 2000 she completed a basic two-year clinical homeopathy course at CEDH / Center for Homeopathic Learning and Development / Paris, France with honors. Dr. Grudeva has been a certified CEDH clinical homeopathic lecturer since 2000 and part of the international teaching staff of CEDH. She has been teaching Clinical Homeopathy to Doctors and Pharmacists at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Pleven, and students of medicine and pharmacy as a freely elective subject at the Medical University of Sofia.

In 2001 she graduated in Business Administration and Health Management at the Higher School of Management and Administration at the University of National and World Economy.

Dr. Grudeva has numerous publications in specialized medical journals and a number of radio and television broadcasts on health topics. Editor of textbooks and books on clinical homeopathy. Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Clinical Homeopathy and Homeopathic Compass. She regularly participates in scientific reports in national and international forums, periodically enhances her qualification through courses in specific fields and is certified for  her actions.

She is a member of the Bulgarian Medical Association, the Bulgarian Society of Neurology. Co-founder and member of the Bulgarian Medical Homeopathic Organization (BMHC) and for many years a member of its Management Board.

Dr. Grudeva speaks fluently French, Russian and English.



Dr. Assya Nikolova

Specialty – Dermatology and Venereology

Born in Sofia. She graduated from MA in Sofia in 1980. During her entire work experience she performs clinical-diagnostic, research and teaching activities.

In 1985 she earned a degree in Dermatology and Venereology.

Specialized in Moscow 1986, Tel Aviv, Israel 1994, Athens, Greece 1997

A number of participations and certificates from participation in practical courses in Laser systems, mesotherapy, fillers, peels, botox, dermatosurgery, dermatology.