Medical examinations and consultations

On the second day, Happy week’s medical team take blood tests and prophylactic examinations to determine the current health status of each guest. Each participant of the healthy program receives recommendations and guidance to follow during their Happy Week holiday and after that.


Screening of all socially significant diseases – cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, diabetes, obesity, by:

  • Highly specialized examinations such as:

– doppler sonography,

– echocardiography,

– bio-resonance diagnosis

  • standard or extended laboratory analysis with PKC (complete blood count), biochemistry, microelements, hormones, etc.


→ Personal consultation with a physician specialized in internal diseases and cardiology for common cardiovascular status, cardiovascular risk assessment and therapeutic program.

→ Personal consultation with neurologist for general neurological, cerebrovascular, mental and psycho-emotional status, definition of cerebrovascular risk, and therapeutic program.

→Personal consultation with an endocrinologist for overall glycemic, hormonal, lipid and metabolic status, endocrine disease risk assessment and therapeutic program

→Personal consultation with dermatology dermatoscopy for skin diagnosis and treatment of skin problems

→Personal consultation with physician-nutritionist for body measures, body fat index (BMI), metabolic age, and preparation of the appropriate individual diet with recommended daily calories.

→Personal consultation with a homeopathic physician for determining a homeopathic health profile, prognosis and individual prophylactic or therapeutic homeopathic program