How is Happy week running?

Happy week is a healthy seven-day holiday. It starts with guest accommodation at complex “Neviastata” and presentation of the program by the founder Dr. Valya Groudeva MD. Each guest gets an individual schedule with description and determined hours for visiting all the medical examinations, procedures, sport activities and leisure activities which are included in the Happy Week plan. Following the individual timetable is a matter of personal responsibility of each participant in the program. In order Happy week to be effective and the best results to be achieved, our team relies on accuracy and consciousness when implementing individual schedules. Over the course of the program are set – medical prophylactic examinations, healthy eating, relaxing, detoxifying and rejuvenating spa procedures, various sports activities, healthy lifestyle lectures and evening entertainment.


Happy week is held in complex “Neviastata” – Pamporovo, Bulgaria.

The complex is located in a place known for its rare climatic phenomenon – pure mountain “Rhodope air” with negative ionization,  this is why the healthy program Happy week is located here. The atmosphere is extremely favorable for treatment, rehabilitation and prevention from many conditions related to the nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular and immune system. The region is famous for the longevity of its inhabitants, and it is the place with the most centenarians.

The luxurious and cozy atmosphere of the complex predisposes for rest and comfort throughout the stay. Accommodation in a single or double apartment. Each apartment is supplied with heating, LCD TV, satellite, internet, bathroom, balcony with terrific panoramic view towards the valley of town of Smolyan. Each apartment has southern exposure.

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Medical examinations and consultations

On the second day, Happy week’s medical team take blood tests and prophylactic examinations to determine the current health status of each guest. Each participant of the healthy program receives recommendations and guidance to follow during their Happy Week holiday and after that.

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Over the course of the program you can enjoy a specially prepared 5-courses healthy menu according to the guidance of our nutritionist.

It includes three main meals –breakfast, lunch and dinner and two intermediary meals, made from ecologically selected bio products, with special technology developed by the team of Happy week.

•  Meals from light vegetable soups, broths, fine meats, fish, pates, purees and garnish healthy all meals are healthy flavored.
• Salads from fruits, seeds and nuts with appropriate healthy dressings, sauces and spices.
• Breads, crackers and pasta of healthy meal – einkorn, spelled, rye, oats, quinoa, whose etc.
• Probiotic, skim milk with homemade yeast.
• Healthy foods and supplements.
• Healthy fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and shakes.
• Herbal, fruit teas, mountain honey, fructose

Sports and anti-stress

Sports and anti-stress activities are divided into two groups:

– Indoors – yoga, dance aerobics, water gymnastics

– Outdoors – walk in nature, mountaineering, meditation


All sports and anti-stress activities are set in the individual schedule of every guest on a healthy holiday Happy week

SPA procedures and massages

During the 7-day stay each guest receives 3 special massages – relaxing, rejuvenating and detoxifying; 3 package procedures – infrared sauna, a Finnish sauna and a steam bath. All procedures are distributed individually and daily during the healthy holiday.

  By doctor’s recommendation or on your own wish, every Happy week guest can benefit from a 20% discount and claim an extra massage or spa treatment that offers the hotel’s spa menu.


During the healthy holiday you will have the opportunity to attend 3 lectures of proven specialists in the field of nutrition, psychology and dermatology.


Every evening, during your Happy Week healthy holiday, animators will be taking care of your mood, performing various group activities and games. For example: First steps in Bulgarian folk dances, workshops, entertainment programs.