How is Happy Week running?

Happy Week is a healthy seven-day vacation. It starts with the accommodation of the guests at the Nevyastata Hotel and the presentation of the program by its founder, Dr. Valya Grudeva. Each guest receives an individual schedule that describes the hours for attending all the examinations, procedures, sports and recreational activities that are included in the Happy Week plan. Compliance with the individual schedule is the personal responsibility of each participant in the program. In order for the Happy Week to be effective and for the achievement of the best results, our team relies on your accuracy and awareness when executing individual schedules. The program includes the following: medical prophylactic examinations, healthy eating, relaxing, detoxifying and rejuvenating procedures, various sports activities, healthy lifestyle lectures and evening entertaining activities.


“Happy Week“ is held at the Nevyastata Hotel, Pamporovo resort.
The location of the hotel is known for its rare climatic phenomenon – pure mountain air with negative ionization. These air qualities are extremely favourable for the treatment, recovery and prevention of many conditions associated with the nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular and immune systems of the human body. The region is also famous for the longevity of its inhabitants, with the greatest number of centenarians in Bulgaria.

The cosy atmosphere of the hotel predisposes to rest and comfort throughout the stay. Accommodation is in a spacious apartment, each with central heating, LCD TV, satellite TV…

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Medical examinations and consultations

On the second day, the Happy Week medical team conducts tests (blood tests) and prophylactic examinations to determine the current health status of each guest. Each participant in the program receives recommendations and guidance to follow during their Happy Week stay and after. Screening of all socially significant diseases – cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, diabetes, obesity, through:

  • Highly specialized examinations such as Doppler ultrasound, echocardiography, bioresonance diagnostics.
  • In PREMIUM packet is included one of a kind food test “FOOD TEST” on a discounted prices for the guests of Happy Week.
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Healthy eating

During the program you will enjoy a special healthy five-meal plan, specially made by our nutritionists and tailored to your personal test results.

It consists of 3 main meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 intermediate meals. All proposals are made from eco-friendly bio-products, using a special technology, professionally developed by the Happy Week team.

  • Main dishes of light vegetable soups and broths, fine meats, fish, pates, purées and garnishes, healthy seasoned and flavoured.
  • Salads of vegetables, fruits, sprouts, seeds and nuts, with appropriate healthy dressings, sauces and spices.
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Sports and anti-stress activities

Sports and anti-stress activities are divided into two groups:

  • Indoors – yoga, dance aerobics, water gymnastics
  • Outdoors – nature walks, hiking, meditation

All sports and anti-stress activities are included in the individual schedule of each guest of Happy Week Healthy Holiday.

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Spa treatments and massages

During the 7-day stay each guest receives 3 special massages – a relaxing, a rejuvenating and a detoxifying massage; 3 package procedures with infrared sauna, Finnish sauna and steam bath. All treatments are distributed individually and daily during a healthy holiday.

With a doctor’s recommendation or at your own request, any Happy Week guest may benefit from a 20% discount and request an additional massage or procedure offered by the hotel menu.

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During your healthy experience, you will also have the opportunity to attend lectures led by proven professionals in the fields of nutrition, psychology and dermatology.

Some of the topics we will discuss together are:

  • “Healthy eating as a lifestyle”
  • “Homeopathy – the ecological drug equivalent”
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Every evening during your Happy Week holiday, animators will take care of your good mood by conducting a variety of group activities and games. For example: Basic steps in Bulgarian folk dances, workshops, entertainment programs.

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