What is HAPPY WEEK – Eco Healthy Holiday?

Happy Week is an innovative concept for a healthy holiday. It is a system which combines health prophylaxis with nutritional, motor and psychological programs and exercises for weight loss, detoxification, recovery, lowering stress levels and active rest.

The goal is to achieve physical health, emotional balance, spiritual harmony, and find your way for a healthy lifestyle. This is achieved by individual and group prophylactic examinations, therapy, exercises, activities that are supervised by selected and recognized specialists in the area of nutrition, dermatology, neurology, internal diseases, psychology and sport.

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Dr. Valya Grudeva MD – Founder

Specialist in neurology, clinical homeopathy, integrative medicine, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

On the second day, Happy week’s medical team take blood tests and prophylactic examinations to determine the current health status of each guest. Each participant of the healthy program receives recommendations and guidance to follow during their Happy Week holiday and after that.

Medical examinations and consultations


Find your Eco healthy destination – Hotel NEVIASTATA – Pamporovo

Happy week is held in complex “Neviastata” – Pamporovo, Bulgaria. The complex is located in a place known for its rare climatic phenomenon – pure mountain “Rhodope air” with negative ionization,  this is why the healthy program Happy week is located here. The atmosphere is extremely favorable for treatment, rehabilitation and prevention from many conditions related to the nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular and immune system. The region is famous for the longevity of its inhabitants, and it is the place with the most centenarians

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