Frequently asked questions

Q: Who is Happy Week program suitable for?
A: The program is suitable for people of active age, with high levels of stress, immobility.

Q: Do I have to undergo any medical tests beforehand?
A: No. As part of the program you receive a complete set of examinations. Find out moreHERE.

Q: I must take certain medicines. Can they be combined with the program and the therapies?
A: Each case is different and no generalized answer can be given. Please let us know at the initial consultation what medicines you are taking. We recommend you to share with our team of doctors about any health issues that bother you.

Q: Does the Nevyastata Hotel, where Happy Week takes place, have parking and if Yes – Is there an extra charge for parking?
A: Yes, there is parking. It’s free.

Q: Is the program suitable for persons under 18 years of age?
A: No. The program is designed for and applies only to persons over 18 years of age.