We have all heard about the ions and that they are negative (anions) and positive (cations), depending on their electrical charge. Still in school we learn about them, but it seems that few think about how their function is important for us, for plants and animals.

Anions – “vitamins” in the air

Undoubtedly, we feel good when we are close to the nature – in forests and mountainous areas, near rivers, lakes, waterfalls. Even when we go to nature for a day or two, we immediately feel the huge difference. All this is due to their Majesty the Anions or as they are still called the “Vitamins” in the air.

A Russian scientist – Alexander Chievski, proves that negative ions (anions) stimulate life processes and have a common beneficial effect on man and animals, while the positive ones have the opposite effect – they lower their life-span and may even lead to their destruction.

Here are some benefits of the air with negative ionization:

  • Takes care for the good condition of the immune system.
  • Increases microcirculation and metabolic processes;
  • Is actively involved in the natural processes of detoxification at the cellular level.
  • Balances the natural bioenergy, which give us with positive energy and tone.
  • Relieves chronic headaches and relieves symptoms of asthma, allergies, respiratory problems, influenza, colds, sinusitis, pulmonary diseases, Bronchitis, migraine, chronic fatigue, insomnia, etc .;
  • Revives the neutral acid-base balance, which helps the blocked energy to be released and the body to function optimally. They improve sleep quality, reflexes and speed;
  • Improves brain function – better concentration and longer memory
  • Stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete cortisone that protects against various diseases and fights fatigue;
  • Provides sufficient amount of bioenergy to red blood cells;
  • Acts favorably and stimulates the creative potential;
  • Decreases and neutralizes the dangerous effects of stress, depressive and anxious states – anxiety, neurosis, etc .;
  • Improves the negative electrical potential of the cells, which takes care of the optimal absorption of nutrients and ejection of harmful products.