About us

The idea for eco healthy vacation showed up a few years ago when Dr. Valya Grudeva MD is on a vacation in a large Bulgarian spa resort. During her vacation, she observes a regular holiday in such a complex. And she asks herself if a person can rest actively, healthy and beneficially. With a team of well known specialists, they develop an innovative concept for a new kind of holiday, combining prophylactic medical examinations, healthy eating, physical activity, lectures and entertainment. The main purpose of the program is for a week each participant to understands his/her current health status, to acquire healthy habits and prescind from the hectic and busy daily life by unloading and recharging in the most efficient and pleasant way. Dr. Valya Grudeva MD finds an article about the favorable impact of the negative ionization of the air in Pamporovo resort, and the place where the future healthy program could be realized is revealed.

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