About us

When a few close friends want to change the world for the better, many ideas are born! When these friends are specialists in various fields, with extensive experience, innovative thinking, passion and belief in success, ideas become reality!

I am a doctor and I have always wanted to be a doctor! With many years of professional experience as a neurologist, a pioneer homeopath and a qualified doctor in many innovative therapies, who still loves her job, patients and people and wants to help everyone get back and stay in good health!…

He is the manager of a lovely hotel with a unique view, located in the sunniest mountain resort, in the most beautiful and hospitable mountain in Bulgaria – the Rhodope Mountains.

Everyone else complements the wonderful professional team and are our friends!….

region of the most beautiful and hospitable mountain, the mountain that has a soul – the Rhodope Mountains.

“Happy Week”is a project crystallized from the dream, passion, creativity, care for people and the world, trust and … good friendship!

“Happy Week”is an innovative concept for an active and healthy weekly holiday, which combines medical examinations and therapies, healthy eating, physical activity, meditative techniques, SPA procedures, health lectures and creative entertainment. The goal each participant to understand their current health status, acquire healthy habits, break away from a busy and hectic everyday life, by unloading and рецхаргинг in the most efficient and enjoyable way, in just a week.

No friendship is an accident!…… O. Henry



Dr. Valya Grudeva

Co-founder of Happy Week Healthy Holidays

Specialist in neurology, clinical homeopathy, integrative medicine and healthy lifestyle.

Nikolay Naydenov

Co-founder of Happy Week Healthy Holidays

Manager of Nevyastata Hotel****, Pamporovo, Master of Finance, with extensive experience in tourism and hotel management