Happy Week is an innovative format for healthy holidays, driven by a working concept of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, regular exercise, prevention and treatment that integrates the modern advances of conventional and alternative medicine.

Happy Week Healthy Holidays are a combination of programs for purification, weight loss, renewal, rejuvenation, relaxation, recovery, toning and balancing of all vital functions in the human body!

Happy Week Healthy Holidays, in addition to the standard tourist services, include a complex of medical diagnostic and consultative, therapeutic and prophylactic, rehabilitation and recovery activities with individual focus, through highly specialized monitoring equipment, performed by a qualified medical team in dietetics and nutrition, internal diseases, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, homeopathy and dermatology.

Healthy eating

diet prepared by a physician nutrition specialist

During Happy Week Healthy Holidays everyone has the opportunity to enjoy dishes made entirely from selected eco-friendly and organic products, combined in a healthy five-meal plan, specially prepared by physician nutrition specialists and refined by calorie, weight and nutritional value.


Medical examinations and consultations

a team of well-established medical specialists and state-of-the-art medical equipment
  • Basic blood test – complete blood count, biochemistry, blood pressure, pulse;
  • Diagnostic imaging – cardiography, echography, echocardiography and Doppler ultrasound;
  • Full body analysis and diagnosis of basal metabolic rate, body weight, metabolic age, visceral fat, bone and muscle mass, water content and total fluid content, muscle-to-fat ratio, with the highest class of impedance meters – Tanita;
  • “FOOD TEST” – the most up-to-date and highly sensitive nutritional intolerance test for over 220 types of food, using the only equipment on the Balkan Peninsula.
  • . Personal consultation with a specialist in dietetics and nutrition, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, homeopathy;
  • Analysis of the individual health profile – metabolic, cardiovascular, neurological, cerebrovascular, mental, psycho-emotional, homeopathic, and inclusion of prophylactic or therapeutic regimen; Read more

Your HAPPY WEEK Healthy and Active Holiday

also includes:
  • Physical activities – yoga, water gymnastics, aerobics, fitness;
  • Psychological, relaxation and meditation techniques;
  • Physiotherapy, SPA procedures and massages;;
  • Hiking on eco trails;
  • Health education part – lectures on topics related to healthy eating and healthy lifestyle;
  • Social program, creative workshops, and fun part – with lots of dancing, games, mood and unforgettable emotions;


Create your own healthy lifestyle:


Find your destination –Nevyastata Hotel, Pamporovo

“Happy Week” Healthy Holidays are held in a “Friday-Friday” weekly format, at the four-star NEVYASTATA Hotel, Pamporovo.

The location of the hotel is known for its rare climatic phenomenon – pure Rhodope mountain air with negative ionization. These air qualities are extremely favourable for the treatment, recovery and prevention of many conditions associated with the nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular and immune systems of the human body.

The region is also famous for the longevity of its inhabitants, with the greatest number of centenarians in Bulgaria.

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